UBIseed and Manna working together
for Global Basic Income

SamfundsTanken is happy to announce a cooperation agreement with Mannabase Inc., an online platform for the world’s first Universal Basic Income cryptocurrency.

SamfundsTanken and Mannabase have agreed to assist each other on an ongoing basis to achieve our mutual goal of creating a global UBI, with SamfundsTanken using a non-crypto currency, UBIseed, and Mannabase utilizing cryptocurrency technology.

Manna has achieved milestones in the cryptocurrency movement, as the first blockchain-based currency to be created and distributed by a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, and the first digital currency to implement a Universal Basic Income as its primary method of distribution.

Mannabase, Inc. is the technology development arm of the Manna cryptocurrency project. Over 87,000 people around the world currently receive Manna UBI distributions each week on their web-based platform, Mannabase.com. Manna is distributed by a U.S.-based charitable nonprofit organization, the People’s Currency Foundation.

SamfundsTanken has raised $1.6 million U.S. dollars for the UBIseed project in a seed funding round that closed on November 1, 2018. SamfundsTanken is raising an additional $5 million in a Series A round for UBIseed to close by mid 2019.

UBIseed will be distributed monthly, for free, as a Universal Basic Income. UBIseed will not be a cryptocurrency, but users will be able to send, receive, and exchange UBIseeds via SMS and voice calls on their cell phone, or through a web-based interface.

SamfundsTanken will launch pilot programs in South Africa and India in 2019 with a range of product partners who will enable users to exchange UBIseeds for mobile phone minutes, airtime, basic groceries, medicine, public transport, school supplies, and more. New partners are continuously being added to increase utility. UBIseeds will also be exchangeable with mainstream currencies and Manna in the future.

The UBIseed and Manna organizations envision investment funds and other profitable ventures as methods for sustainable non-governmental financing of Universal Basic Income. The SamfundsTanken team and advisors have a track record of many successful businesses with profits of multi-million dollars.

As part of our cooperation agreement, Mannabase, Inc. will provide technology consulting and other administrative services to SamfundsTanken. The companies will assist each other in strategies for fundraising, marketing, growth and adoption for both Manna and UBIseed.

"Working with Mannabase will take us a long way towards making global UBI become a reality", says Soeren Ekelund, founder of SamfundsTanken.

“We share the goal of alleviating poverty across borders, and we agree on the modus operandi to be through social entrepreneurship.”
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