The structure and individuals of SamfundsTanken

Who are we?

The Team at SamfundsTanken consists of entrepreneurs, specialists and zealous academically and practicality oriented visionaries with a sound foundation of knowledge, skills and drive.


Ida Juul Farver

Founder and CCO
Master in English and European Studies, specialized in Value Based Management and Nordic Management.

Chris R. Jensen

CIO & Lead Programmer
IT-developer and tester, simulation developer and developer of most types of desktop software solutions, as well as projects for web and mobile units.

Simon Skipper

Investor and Visual Director
Award-winning photo journalist, author, Bitcoin investor and emotional intelligence coach. Experienced in startups and storytelling.

Soeren O. Ekelund

Consultant, Analyst
Tech company developer, engineer specialized in production and management, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Jesper Pedersen

Graphic Designer & Web Administrator
Master of Communications, Culture & Globalization. Over a decade experience in NGOs and volunteering dealing with graphic design and communication assignments.