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UBIseed and Manna working together for Global Basic Income

January 2019
SamfundsTanken is happy to announce a cooperation agreement with Mannabase Inc.

New short pitch deck for UBIseed

January 2019
Short pitch deck for investor's overview and the most important facts.

Before you leave the office for the holidays...

December 2018
We would like to thank you for helping us making our prime project, UBIseed, a reality.

Announcement of SamfundsTanken's Advisory board

December 2018
Please welcome four highly competent individuals as our new Advisory Board.

UBIseed is welcomed by investors and business partners

September 2018
Several parties showed great interest in UBIseed all week, ending with the Akoin conference.

UBIseed is presented to the public

August 2018
Five years of developing on UBInow has resulted in its unique sister project, UBIseed.

Simon Skipper joins SamfundsTanken

August 2018
A new important member joined SamfundsTanken.

UBIseed is taking shape

June 2018
SamfundsTanken has decided to approach Universal Basic Income from more than one angle...

UBInow conference

September 2016
Unconditional Basic Income conference at the Danish Parliament.