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In general

Personal information is all kinds of information, which in some scope can be connected to you. When you visit our website we gather and process these kinds of information. It can, for example happen when visiting one of our pages, if you participate in a survey or use our contact form.

We typically gather and process the following information: a unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or cellphone, your IP-address, geographical location as well as what pages you visit. Provided you give us permission and enter the information, we also process your name and email address in relation to using the contact form.


The website uses ”cookies”, which is a text file that is stored on your computer, cellphone or tablet with the purpose of recognizing you, remembering your settings and performing statistics.

Cookies cannot contain harmful code, such as a virus. It is possible to erase or block cookies. See how here.

  • Comment_author_{HASH}: Used to store the given name of the author behind a comment on our blog. Expires after 1 year.
  • Comment_email_{HASH}: Used to store the email of the author behind a comment on our blog. Expires after 1 year.
  • Comment_url_{HASH}: Used to store a possible website address given by the author behind a comment on our blog. Expires after 1 year.

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  • __utma: Used to identify unique visitors. Expires after 2 years.
  • __utmb and __utmc: Used to identify the current session. Expires after 30 minutes.
  • __utmz: Used to track how visitors came to our website. Expires in 6 months.

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  • PREF: Remembers basic preferences, such as choice of language, format of search results, how to display information, … : so the visitor don’t need to set preferences each time he/she use the site. Its structure looks like this example: “ID=bc7ff7f16d0d774f:TM=1335534573:LM=1335534573:S=zPM87avT1rR0zWvi”
    ID = a browser identifier; TM = a timestamp of when the cookie was created; LM = a timestamp of when the browser preferences were last changed; S = a digital signature generated by Google which works in combination with page address settings (e.g. in the Google books site it is used to only show a few pages of the book). Expires after 2 years.
  • YSC: Used to register a unique ID for statistical purposes regarding videos the visitor has seen. Expires when the session is closed.
  • GPS: Used to register a unique ID on mobile units in order to facilitate tracking based on GPS location. Expires after 1 day.
  • VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE: Used to estimate the users bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos. Expires after 179 days.

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Safety and purpose

We have taken technical and organizational precautions to ensure that your information are treated confidential and that it will not be leaked, published, lost or in any way conflict with current legislation.

The information gathered is used to identify you as a user and provide you with the best possible experience on our website. When utilizing our contact form, the information you provide will be used in relation to the ongoing communication – and nothing else.

Storage of information

The information will be stored in the amount of time that is permitted in relation to current legislation and will be deleted when they are no longer necessary.The period depends on the nature of the information and the reason for storage. Due to this, we are unable to provide a general time frame for when personal data will be deleted.

Disclosure of information

The information gathered on this website will not be provided to any 3rd parties for the purposes of contacting you, and will strictly be used to provide the visitor with the best possible experience. When using our contact form the information will be sent to a 3rd party, which stores the data on our behalf and are forbidden to access them. Read their privacy policy here (danish).

Forwarding of your personal information will only happen with your consent. We only use data processors in the EU or in countries which can provide the appropriate amount of protection.


The website uses a widget to enable you to share a link from our website. This widget may collect your IP address, your web browser User Agent, store and retrieve cookies on your browser, embed additional tracking, and monitor your interaction with the widget, including correlating your Facebook account when you share a page, if you are logged in to Facebook. For more information, please see Facebook’s data privacy policy.

We use a Twitter Tweet widget at our website. As a result, our website makes requests to Twitter’s servers for you to be able to tweet our webpages using your Twitter account. These requests make your IP address visible to Twitter, who may use it in accordance with their data privacy policy.

We use a Linkedin Share widget at our website to allow you to share our webpages on Linkedin. These requests may track your IP address in accordance with their data privacy policy.

Insights and complaints

You have the right to know what kind of personal information we process about you. You are also entitled to, at any time, protest against how these information are being used. You can also recant your consent. If the information processed about you are incorrect, you have the right to have them corrected or erased.

Enquiries regarding this can be made to If you wish to complain about our treatment of your information, you are welcome to contact The Danish Data Protection Agency.


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