How we finance our work for society

Why earn our own money?

SamfundsTanken is based on self-financing by commercial trades and investments for profit. In this way, and by having a wide portfolio of trading partners and investors, we guard against being biased by dependencies on grant givers or big donations from third parties.

Below you find a few examples of trades done by SamfundsTanken, and investments taken.

We also trade CO2-credits and futures for transport businesses.

We are audited by state authorized accountant S√łnderup Revisorer, and you can download our 2018 accounting here.

Carbon Credits & Futures

Carbon Credits & Futures

Working with CO2 / carbon credits and the related futures for many years in various projects, we have now begun buying and selling them in the unique Danish transportation emissions market.

Electric Vehicles & Used Batteries

Electric Vehicles & Used Batteries

In 2016 we were donated 11 used electric buses from Copenhagen Municipality - thought nearly worthless, if still mostly operational. In 2017 we sold them at approx. $800K.

Having great experience within the electric vehicle market, we are able to acquire used high-power batteries and forward them to universities where they are used for student projects.


1st of November 2018, UBIseed (UBI by digital currency) closed its first investment round of $1.6M with oversubscription, and is immediately moving on to $5M Round A.
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