Unconditional Basic Income conference at the Danish Parliament

SamfundsTanken’s team spent the day participating in a debate on Basic Income in Fællessalen at the Danish Parliament. The internationally based basic Income organization Bien was strongly represented, and Søren Ekelund from SamfundsTanken was one of the panelists presenting our basic income plan, UBInow, to the audience, and he engaged in debates throughout the day.

It is obvious that the possibility for implementing Basic Income in various forms has struck note with politicians and interest groups in Denmark, and we will continue our work towards informing on and developing models that can be easily implemented, to strengthen the citizens in Denmark.

But UBInow is not just developed for the sake of the Danish community. With the correct changes, it can be adapted to be implemented in any state-system, provided the state in question makes room for pilot projects to be launched, and understand that a successfully implemented unconditional basic income model takes time before it has been grounded and can provide accurate results. That is one of the greatest challenges UBI faces to this day, since most basic income models are only allowed to be implemented for a year or two, only to be cancelled or downgraded severely, as soon as the project does not hold favor with a large majority of the popular vote, or election us due in the given country.

Today we presented our model, received sound feed-back, informed on a complex model and engaged in meeting our peers to develop UBI.

Tomorrow, we will work continuously to improve UBInow to the point where it is clear for all to see that there is no better alternative.

Guy Standing giving a speech at the Danish Parliament

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