UBIseed meeting with investors and business partners

We are currently placing UBIseed on the business world-map, as we are meeting with investors and business partners all week, ending with the Akoin conference hosted by SAP at the end of the week.

We have already been well received by Mannacoin and several of our partners, and each meeting we have attended has added to UBIseed growing in strength ā€“ either due to expert advice or an investor deciding to join us.

We are inspired by every day here, and are almost split in two by wanting to stay here and work further with the network we have developed, while experiencing the need to get back to the rest of our team to share our good news and work with the new investors that have come aboard.

Neither heavy rain showers nor bumpy flights have been able to mute the inspiration, support or expertise we have experienced on our trip here.

SamfundsTanken and UBIseed are growing at a rate that is hard to comprehend, and we are honestly looking forward to breaking some more of the good news, as soon as the team has had a chance to be updated on all the latest developments.

Simon and Ida ā€“ over nā€™ out for now.

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Simon and Ida at the Akoin conference

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