UBIseed, the new, digitally based Unconditional Basic Income

After five years of developing on our unconditional basic income project UBInow, the team at SamfundsTanken is ready to present its unique sister project; UBIseed.

UBIseed has been developed in order to present the world with Unconditional Basic Income regardless of country of origin, wealth status or political opposition. It is a digital currency provided for anyone anywhere seeking to be part of a world-wide Basic Income project, and we are already negotiating and closing agreements with several of the telecom-providers that are part of making the project launch.

UBIseed is ready to prepare pilots in several countries, and we will do so, as soon as our seed-round closes November 1st. Once our investor A-series takes off, we are planning a round-table gathering of our Advisory Board come February, where we will fine-tune the project in accordance with their input, and continue to develop UBIseed to become even easier to implement in all countries.

Want to know more? Have a look at the project so far www.ubiseed.net

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